Shri Naveen Patnaik
Hon’ble Chief Minister
Student Academic Management System (SAMS)
Dr. Pradeep Kumar Panigrahy
Hon'ble Minister
Smt. Aparajita Sarangi
Shri Gagan Kumar Dhal, IAS
Principal Secretary
e-Despatch Letter Despatch System

Directorate of Higher Education

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Section –III
  1. Sanction of G.I.A. /G.P.F. in respect of 233 (193 G.I.A. +Block Grant) Colleges & High Court cases & G.I.A. cases arising thereon.
  2. Sanction of G.I.A. in respect of 22 aided Sanskrit Colleges
Section –IV
  1. Grant of permission /Recognition and approval of G.B. of professional Colleges.
  2. Service Condition of Ministerial Employees of 255 Aided Colleges.
Section –V
  1. Service matters relating to teaching Staff of Non- Govt. Aided Colleges & Court Cases.
Section -VI
  1. Grant-in-aid matters. Related court cases arrear matter of Non-U.G.C. Lecturers and Non- Teaching Staff of 255 Aided Colleges.
  2. Service matter of non-teaching staff of 255 aided Non-Govt. Colleges other than codification, transfer & promotion of ministerial staff and related court cases.
  3. Matter relating to Selection of DHE(O) Nominee for G.B. of 255 College Group.
    1. Career Advancement Scheme of UGC Teachers of 254 Non-Govt. Aided Colleges.
    2. Maintenance of CCRs of Non-Government Aided College Teachers.
    1. Award of Junior/Senior/P.G. Merit Scholarship,/Jr./Sr./P.G. Merit-cum-Means Scholarship, Hindi, Sanskrit, Teacher’s Son, Special Girls Merit Scholarship & Research Scholarship.
    2. Renewal of National Scholarship (Old).
    3. Prepaparation of Bill/Drawl and Maintenance of Accounts and Audit matters in respect of above Scholarships.
  1. Recovery of National Loan Scholarship w.e.f.1963-64 to 1990. The amount collected from the Loanees in shape of Bank Drafts and deposited into the treasury in shape of challan.
  2. Recovery of Loan Stipend Fund.
  1. G.I.A/Drawal of salary of Non-Government Aided/Sanskrit/Block Grant Colleges(Plan) and Court Cases.
  1. Matter relating to Budget Estimate of N.C.C Units in the State.
  2. Matters relating to Establishment of NCC Units.
  3. Matter relating to NSS/YRC/GPF etc.
  1. Preparation of Budget & Expenditure of DHE Orissa & Regional Directorates of Education and Field Offices.
  1. Preparation of Plan Estimate.
  2. Building Grant.
  1. Service condition of employees of Directorates of Higher Education, Orissa.
  2. Drawal of salary of DHE Staff and House Building Advance of DHE & field staff.
  3. Pension/G.P.F etc of deputed Government OES Officers to Universities/Council & Other Non-Government/Corporation Organizations.
  4. Simplification procedure of both Govt. Non-Govt./N.C.C & R.D.E/D.H.E. Officers.
  1. Preparation of Common Gradation list of Employees of Education Directorate.
  2. Allotment of Qrs at D.P.I. Colony
  3. Appointment under R.A. Scheme.
  4. Service Condition/Inter Directorate Transfer/Promotion of employees of Education Director(D.H.E., D.S.E., D.E.E., D.M.E., & D.V.E, Orissa)
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